JHS Energy, Inc.

JHS Energy, Inc. is a Colorado based mineral acquisition company focused on purchasing non-producing minerals in all active basins of the US through a series of investor-backed partnerships. These partnerships include the following:

  • Magic M&R, LLC
  • Black Magic #1, LLC
  • Black Magic #2, LLC
  • Star Flower Royalties, LLC
  • Morning Glory Royalties, LLC
  • Larkspur Royalties, LLC
  • Jasmine Royalties, LLC
  • White Lotus Royalties, LLC
  • Snapdragon Royalties, LLC
  • Apple Blossom Royalties, LLC
  • Dahlia Royalties, LLC
  • Sunflower Royalties, LLC

JHS Energy, Inc. has a seasoned technical staff each with over three decades of oil and gas experience. They continually perform detailed analysis of industry activity to determine the best areas for acquisition opportunities. We have land brokers available in all major basins to perform title and close the mineral purchases in a timely fashion.